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Connecting with prospects, giving them exceptional experiences and converting them to customers are the sparks that power a business. Generating those sparks on the web can be overwhelming. Especially given the constantly changing digital marketing landscape where new strategies are always emerging and tactics are frequently changing.

Knowing which digital strategies to use to connect to your audience online, and properly implementing those strategies, are key to igniting your web presence so it powers your business. We help marketing teams and small businesses create website and digital strategies that deliver solid results.

Ensuring Your Unique Value Spreads Throughout the Online World

Every brand has a unique contribution to make to the world. We help brands discover and communicate their value on their website and through digital channels.

  • Our strategies help businesses attain their goals.
  • Our implementation is based on quality standards.
  • Our service is top notch.

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What Folks Are Saying About Us

Neely Quinn, owner of TrainingBeta
After Talking to Mary
We Increased Sales by 30%
“I’d been asking people in my MasterMind group to give me advice on my website for months, but what I got back from them
was just not enough. It wasn’t detailed enough to do me any good.

When I saw what Mary Iannotti was offering, I jumped at the chance to get a full review of my website to see how I could make it better. I have experience with copywriting and website design, but I’m not an expert, and I think even if I was, it’s always good to have a sounding board for these things.

Basically, I was looking for a coach who could give me an expert opinion on what I could do better on my website overall. She went above and beyond what I thought she’d do, honestly. She asked me some general questions about my site, then came back to me with a full hour-long video of her going through my site and pointing out what I need to do to make it better. It was thorough, to say the least. Then we had another 30 minute conversation via Skype with screensharing, to really nail down all the points and get my questions answered.

The copy she helped me create wasn’t cheesy, either. That’s something my audience will not tolerate. It has to be authentic to our community, and I definitely feel like what she came up with was authentic, and we worked together to really hone it.

After working with Mary, I feel much more comfortable about the copywriting on the main sales page and some of the other sales pages, and I got a clear view of some other technical things I needed to do, like make my page load faster, etc. Also, since we talked and made changes, our sales have been higher than ever. We made a 30% leap in the first month, which is incredible. I think the site is really speaking to people now more than before.”

Neely Quinn
Owner of TrainingBeta

Wendy Sullivan owner of WSW Consulting.
Have a Clear Picture of My Business Focus and Direction
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary on designing my website and focusing my business message.

My website is attractive, professional and user friendly, but it also reflects the personality and uniqueness of my business, which sets Mary apart from other designers.

As a result of the process, I now have a more clear picture of my business focus and direction, am better able to explain my work to others and understand how to better package my services to clients - all unexpected but very welcome benefits to the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone wanting to focus their business message and have a personalized and professional web presence."

Wendy Sullivan,
Owner of WSW Consulting

Lena Andersson owner of TRI Resources.
Our New Website is
Easier to Navigate

“Mary Iannotti at Digital Marketing Deva redesigned the website for TRI Resources. She was there all the way through the project to get the new revamped site up and running.

Mary’s creative use of design and development tools made the project more efficient. The new website is much easier to navigate through and looks so much cleaner than our previous site.

Mary understands my needs, is service oriented, personable and easy to work with. She takes good care of me : )"

Lena Andersson
Owner of TRI Resources

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